about ENG

We are a young collective from Brussels made of 7 textile designer. We are first united by our experience of textile and then by three common values





Our collective is creating for art and for design. Each of us has a very single process and her own influence. We are looking for breaking down the barriers between the practices and mixing them. Hand-made and industrial, product and art piece...




The central point of our practice is the process. Release the creative potential of the material, play with it, and create our own way of expression.




We want to create an evolutive space open to other participants. Communicate, exchange to create a source of creative energy.

From its free and composite structure, our collective wants to increase the value of the contemporary textile creation and make it exist under suprising forms.


Thanks to :


Ronan Hamon

Christophe Bustin

Laura Penzo

Daniel Sezerg

Hugo Benaich


nos généreux sponsors



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