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Marine alias queen of kebabs, is passionnate about the popular food universe.


From a textile reinterpretation, playful and out of sync, you will delight yourselves at a

potential weaving inspired by aluminium paper, a bed of silk petals à la spicy meat,

a pleating which looks like Iceberg salad...


Ariane, alias, queen of the moon, plays with her magic finger to make danse her matters.


Motion is the base of her research,

a link between the body and the material. She works with severals corporealities. Blurred lines between the body and the textile, transformed, enveloped, hidden, revealed.

Hybrid bodies, dancing materials, a dancing body guided by materials...





Tannyna, alias, queen of fibers, is passionate about warp and weft which organize matters.


With « Nitkarium », Tannyna is using the industrial machine as an craft tool. Materials, colors, densities... By the way of experimentation, multiplying of possibilities of the technique, a collection of yarns is created which are then woven by hand.








Émilie, alias queen of chimera, play with shadow and light who are around her.


Inspired by the poetry of nature, through shadow projections, she creates a floating atmosphere where imagination and sensation preveils . Her creations are a collage of composite dreams. She called them: Chimera. She engages in a conversation with the public, a dialogue between their perceptions and her own univers born from her emotions.




Anaëlle, alias, queen of dancefloor, proceed between diverse architectural shapes.


From shape, her process takes her to matter. It’s a way for the designer to connect concrete and knotted point in different volumes and shapes. Simple shapes, geometric shapes, raw shapes, they are witness to her relationship with urban space and architecture.




Tania, alias, queen of texture, walk around abstracts and poetics landscapes.


She chose to approach the textile medium by the prism of imprinting.

Her approach is marked by shifts: from the volume of plaster to the flat of the paper, from white to color, from small to large, from handmade to digital, from tactile to visual.





Anne-Sophie, alias, queen of cutting, has made geometric shapes her favorite playground.

She considers textile as a playground where shapes, colors and materials blend together to be modulated. The surfaces she creates become a large-scale puzzle that can be infinitely taken apart and built again.







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